Winter Vacation Tips, Goal Setting with Kids, Managing Stress for New Mom (#19)

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Blogpost We Read

One of the best parts about the holiday season is the opportunity to spend time with family. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get everyone together to celebrate this special time of year. While successful planning requires time and effort, it will ultimately lead to a trip everyone is bound to love. Planning tips for your winter holiday family vacation, follow these tips for a perfect getaway:

  • Make your reservation as soon as you know your family’s vacation availability
  • Plan ahead for special clothing or gear needs.
  • Travel with a few of your family’s holiday traditions.
  • Check your destination’s website for any events and activities planned for the holiday.

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Post We Liked

Teaching your child to set goals will help them take responsibility, foster a positive “can-do” attitude, and increase self-esteem. Goal setting may be something new to kids, but just like brushing their teeth or studying every day, we want goal setting to become a habit for them.

The KVC Nebraska video, explains “How to Set Goals with Your Child and Why It’s Important”. This video is part of their FREE 13-part series, based on GenPMTO, a research-backed curriculum. It features videos, articles and more that will help you form a stronger bond with your child, give you communication strategies so they follow directions more readily, and show you how to become a calmer parent and create a peaceful, loving home. Watch the video”
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Book We Read

It is in our best interests to take care of ourselves by properly managing stress because studies have shown that our relationship with our children depends in great part on our capacity to do so. “15 Ways For New Moms To Manage Stress And Stay Sane: The Actually Useful New Mom Care Package” is a refreshing look at the early stages of parenthood in a quick-to-read, easy-to-reference format. Full of practical and adaptable ideas, and the author’s personal examples for each, new moms will appreciate this book.

  • Learn about ways to organize your day and manage your expectations.
  • Discover how to tap into your local community, family, and friends for support.
  • Implement provided strategies to minimize stress caused by four main money concerns.

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This Week’s Article

How To Spot Signs Of Mom Burnout And What To Do About It
If you talk to moms, the one theme that seems to pop-up all the time is the sheer exhaustion that both working and stay-at-home-moms experience. Moms feel like they are doing it all – working, childcare, household management, scheduling, bills, errands, etc. And this constant relentless doing is leading to a whole host of very negative symptoms. Read more.

Helper of the Week

Dr. Amy Lee, a licensed clinical psychologist, a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA®), a member of the elite National Register of Health Service Psychologists organization, and a certified perinatal mental health expert with nearly 10 years of experience working with toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, and families who present to treatment with a variety of mental health concerns.

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