The Monkey Mashup – a Life Improvement Portal.

Ready to mash life up?  Welcome to The Monkey Mashup.

     I’m Cheryl Stash, the founder of The Monkey Mashup.  I’ve been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the last 10 years.  Hearing my client’s life stories and helping them find resources they need means the world to me. 

     When I started my own family, I struggled a lot with motherhood.  Both of my children seemed to cry all day and all night, breastfeeding didn’t go very smoothly (to say the least) and I struggled a lot adjusting to my new role.  And even though I was a social worker and used to finding all kinds of help for all kinds of problems, I realized I didn’t really know where to turn for the help I now needed as a new, overwhelmed parent.  I knew there should be a place- one main website- where new or struggling parents could find all the help they needed.  In one spot.  Profiles for licensed therapists, coaches, doulas, lactation consultants…all ready to help.  Virtual or local events like baby sleep seminars, breastfeeding help, meet-ups, support groups.  Self-help articles, advice, inspirational stories.  

     Over the last two years, I have been pouring my heart and soul into making The Monkey Mashup.  A space for parents to get the family support they need, so they can love their home life again.  I’ve worked on it every spare minute I have. 

     Now I am asking you to join me in making this space a reality.  Our space is almost ready to start accepting provider listings.  I want you to help me fill The Monkey Mashup website with so much help for parents that they will feel a sense of relief just finding the site and realizing help is just a few clicks away.

     I know you offer an amazing service to clients.  I know you want to help people or you wouldn’t be doing this.  Let me help you find people who need you.  Let me help new moms (like me) who don’t really know where to turn.  New moms and dads are basically alone right now.  They have no one.  The mood in the world is down.  The time has never been more right.  You have never been more needed. It has never been more easier to connect with clients virtually.  New moms who were too tired or overwhelmed anyway to get out of the house to a weekly appointment- you’re all set to connect with them now. 

     Join my site now and I promise you I will continue to spend every spare moment of my days making sure this site flourishes and I fulfill my promise to you and to my readers.  To connect you.  To help you.  To make home life better one connection at a time. 

Together we’re gonna change family life.

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