Mealtime Hacks for Picky Eaters, Healing Sex Life after Cesarean Birth, Allison Johnson-Gierth (#36)

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Parenting is a challenging yet rewarding experience, and many parents seek day-to-day support and tips to navigate the ups and downs of family life. The Monkey Mashup offers a wealth of resources that provide practical advice to help parents with the challenges of raising a family. Whether it’s dealing with picky eaters, managing screen time, or fostering positive relationships, these resources can help parents create a positive and healthy home environment for their families.

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Article We’re Reading

Do you have a picky eater in your household? Many parents can relate to the challenge of trying to get their children to eat a healthy and varied diet. Picky eaters can be frustrating for parents, and it can be difficult to know how to encourage them to try new foods and develop a taste for healthy options. In this context, it can be helpful to learn about strategies and tips to help picky eaters broaden their dietary preferences and develop a healthier relationship with food.

We found some tips to try with your family from Zero to Three’s article. Their list explores what research says about teaching children to try new foods and provides practical tips for parents to help their little ones become more adventurous eaters.

  • Fun names can make fruits and veggies more appealing to kids. In a recent study, elementary school students were more likely to choose veggies with fun names (like “power punch broccoli”). Similarly, calling deli turkey “white ham” can make it more appealing to young children.
  • Involving children in food prep can be enjoyable and encourage healthy eating habits. Kids who help prepare fruits and veggies are more likely to choose them as snacks in the future.
  • Include a familiar and preferred food item in each meal. This allows children to build on their known and preferred foods.

Dealing with a picky eater can be a frustrating experience for parents. With patience, persistence, and a little bit of creativity, parents can successfully navigate the challenge of picky eating and support their children’s healthy growth and development.

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This Week’s Article

Healing Your Sex Life after a Cesarean Birth
Knowing 1 in 3 babies is born via c-section you would expect the other ⅔ of women to have pelvic pain after birth. But this is not always the case. Cesarean births can also cause pelvic pain especially with arousal and intercourse. Many women are surprised to experience pain because their baby was not born from their vagina. We see women with pelvic pain during sex after a cesarean birth. Read more.

Helper of the Week

Allison Johnson-Gierth, LMFT, LPCC is a licensed therapist in California who helps teens, adults and couples make sense of the past, ground themselves in the present, and feel hope for the future. My job is to help you first identify your needs and goals, and then to work from there. If you’ve been to therapy in the past, it may have been very structured or rigid.

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