35 Family Spring Activities, Media & Mental Hygiene, Alex Brengle a Peer Support Worker (#34)

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Spring is a great time for families to spend quality time together and enjoy the outdoors after the long winter months. We want to provide an opportunity for families to engage in activities such as gardening, hiking, and picnics, fostering a sense of togetherness and appreciation for nature.

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What We Watched

Get ready for spring with these fun and educational activities for kids! There’s something for everyone, from outdoor adventures like nature walks and gardening to indoor activities like arts and crafts and science experiments. 

These hands-on learning experiences from Natural Beach Living promote creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. Suitable for children of various ages, these activities can be adapted to suit different interests and abilities. 

Here are our top 3 favorite activities:

  • Creating Marble Pots
  • Making Seed Bombs
  • Cupcake Liner Flower Craft

The post provides detailed vidoe instructions and tips for each activity, making it easy for parents and caregivers to implement them at home or in the classroom.

(Watch video here)

This Week’s Article

Media & Mental Hygiene
The ease of accessing information is both a gift and a curse. While we are more informed than ever before, we have no process time and no breaks from the flood of information. The days of watching the nightly news for an hour per day as the sole source of current events are gone, as we are now constantly receiving updates, often hour by hour online. Read more.

Helper of the Week

Alex Brengle is a peer support worker with the designations of CPS (Certified Peer Specialist), CRS (Certified Recovery Specialist), and CVA (Certified Volunteer Administrator). As a peer support worker, Alex uses his personal experience with mental health and addiction to provide support and guidance to others going through similar struggles. He is trained to help individuals develop coping skills, set goals, and navigate the mental health and addiction recovery systems.

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P.S. Here are Family Enrichment Events!

Free Parenting Lunch & Learn: Learn new Tips & Tricks on your Lunch Break
Do you want to be a more proactive parent, but don’t have the time to read a parenting book, or take hours of parenting classes? Jen, the founder of Aligned Parenting, created this Parenting Q & session just for you! Register here

Raising Readers: How to Promote Early Literacy at Home
Kaleidoscope Learning will be hosting the first Virtual Family Symposium on Tuesday, March 21st at 6:00 pm: “Raising Readers: How to Promote Early Literacy at Home.” Lead by Montessori educator Julia Kallmes, families will learn the ins and outs of promoting reading and early literacy to young learners. Register here

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