Birthday Gift Guide, Couldn’t Keep It to Myself by Imprisoned Sisters, Thanksgiving Activities for Kids (#16)

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Celebrate Thanksgiving day beyond the dinner table. Monkey Mashups can help moms and dads find community, inspiration, and lots of laughs and help you feel less alone along the way.

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Blogpost We Read

If you’ve ever struggled to find the best gifts for babies, toddlers, and teenagers, don’t despair. Choosing the right toy, game, or book for kids is a struggle, even for their parents. Cool Mom’s Picks scoured the web to hand-select The Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide. Here are some of their suggestions for the best gifts for kids this year.

  • Curated toy subscription box by developmental stage as the first birthday gift
  • Voice of Inspirational Women sound book for 6 years old
  • Personalized waterproof JBL Clip 4 speaker for teens.

(Gift List Here)

Book We Are Read

Lamb has taught writing to a group of women prisoners at York Correctional Institution. She describes the incredible journey of expression and self-awareness the women took through writing “Couldn’t Keep It to Myself: Testimonies from Our Imprisoned Sisters“. In this unforgettable collection, the women of York describe in their own words how they were imprisoned by abuse, rejection, and their own self-destructive impulses long before they entered the criminal justice system.

(Read the book)

Activities We Like

No matter how old you are, it’s natural to feel a little restless on Thanksgiving. You’ll need some fun things to occupy the crew while waiting to carve the turkey and pass the pumpkin pie. Here are some Thanksgiving Activities for Entertaining Kids and adults alike that will have you feeling extra grateful this holiday season:

  • Create a Scavenger Hunt
  • The Thanksgiving Dinner Game
  • Coloring Table

(Activity source)

This Week’s Article

Family Resources at Your Fingertips
It’s 2 am and you’re still awake, worrying, stressed, tired, and maybe even overwhelmed. Yes, we’ve all been there. There’s no parenthood without problems. But with the right family resources, you don’t ever need to face them alone. This guide covers all the types of family resources available for expecting, new and stressed parents. Read More

Deal of the Week

The Stress Buster Series
Calling all stressed-out moms! The Stress Buster Series is your step-by-step plan to recognize early signs of stress before you flip your lid, understand what is really causing your stress, and be a role model for your child so they grow up knowing how to control their stress, not the other way around. Learn more

Helper of the Week

Erika Larsen, M.Ed., LCMHC, LCAS, CSI believes in a holistic and person-centered approach to establish meaningful and empathetic connections with her clients to create a positive and safe space. She has training in working with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance use, lifestyle changes, trauma, and more. She is also offering Virtual Counseling Services through Coastal Counseling Services and enjoys working with adolescents, adults, and couples. 

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