No Love is Wasted, Western Way of Raising Kids and SAHM Misconceptions (#11)

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We at The Monkey Mashup are here to assist parents in successfully raising happy, confident, and resilient children. Although being a parent is fulfilling, we all know that it’s not always simple and that there are many questions involved.

Here is this week’s “Monday Mashup”, a quick list of what we are finding useful. If you enjoy it, please feel free to forward to friends!

What We Listened To

What if NO LOVE is wasted? Glennon Doyle of We Can Do Hard Things podcast, believes that “loves are like plants: some loves are perennials that continue to bloom, others are annuals, full for a season and then back to earth to nourish soil—but that no love is ever, ever wasted”. Listen here

What We’re Reading

Is the Western way of raising kids weird?

Kelly Oakes explores why western culture believes that children who sleep on their own will be more independent and why other societies around the world find it strange.

Independence is valued more in the majority of Western nations. Parents encourage their children to develop skills that support these values, like sleeping in separate beds. Across the world, parenting is not the same. Different societies have different objectives for a child’s growth. As a result, parents have various expectations for their kids that influence their way of raising them. Read here

Article We Read

One way to help with feelings of isolation in parenthood is to read about experiences other parents are having. So when we came across an account of being a stay-at-home-mother that really stood out to us, we knew we had to share it in an upcoming newsletter. Facebook user Bridgette Anne describes what being a SAHM looks like for her, contrary to many ideas of how easy SAHMs have it. Thousands of other parents chimed in to lend support and share their own stories. We included this in our newsletter not because misery loves company, but to show that parenting IS hard. Many parents absolutely don’t have enough support. We hope our website and resources can make life even a little easier for you. Full article

This Week’s Article

Most first-time parents overdo it right out of the gate and burn out quickly. Parents with other children at home tend to burn out from the juggling act of managing multiple children with a new baby. Rest assured, these five steps can go a long way toward helping new and veteran parents alike get through the postpartum period.

Helper of the Week

Cuddles and Milk is owned by Katie Oshita, an RN and IBCLC with 22 years of experience working with new families. She provide practical guidance that takes the stress out of feeding your baby. Her practice is 100% telehealth by design, great at virtual visits and you can stay in the comfort of your home while you meet.

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Have a wonderful week, all.

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