Rachel Hollis on Motherhood, Big Life Journal & C-Section Recovery Tips (#5)

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Has school started in your area yet? Maybe this is your last week of summer vacation. Word on the street is, a lot of people are ready for a change of seasons! How about some life improvement as well? Here is your weekly Monday Mashup, a quick list of what we are finding useful. If you enjoy it, please feel free to forward to friends.

Video We Watched

We watched Motherhood: What I WISH I Would Have Known (Episode 286 of the podcast) by Rachel Hollis a few years back and it’s still worth sharing. Parents deserve to be happy, fulfilled and thriving. It can sometimes feel impossible to achieve this but your life can improve in small, significant ways. If you aren’t sure where to start, reach out to one of the helping professionals on our virtual parenting support center. There are professionals out there, ready to help you. (Source)

What We Bought

We stumbled upon the Big Life Journal while reading some therapists’ recommendations for helping children who struggle with anxiety or low self-confidence. Whoa! Have never heard of this workbook before. They also have all sorts of free printable material on their Instagram if you just want to try a few things. We are always looking for ways to encourage and grow emotional intelligence. Learn more here.

Article We’re Reading

“C-Section Recovery Tips: C-Section Recovery Tips to Help You Parent, Breastfeed and Sleep” published by The Monkey Mashup. We spoke to a friend about her recent c-section, her recovery and various struggles she was encountering. Disappointment regarding not having the birth she envisioned, numbness, swelling and just generally feeling uncomfortable in her postpartum body. On top of all the other first-time-mom emotions. This is the same article we shared with her; it compiles all the useful tips on recovering from a c-section that we could find. Make sure you pass this article along to someone you know who might need help after their c-section, as well! Here is an excerpt:

Whether your c-section is planned or unexpected, you may be wondering how you can recover quickly.  Here are some c-section recovery tips we’ve gathered…

Take it easy, but get up and move around as soon as you feel able…

Plan on staying in the hospital robe the whole stay or else bring pants that will come up over your belly, or nightgowns.  You don’t want anything pressing or messing around your incision for the first couple weeks.  Yoga pants that fold over at the waist can be comfortable at this stage of healing…

Take pain meds whenever you are offered to stay on top of the pain.  Its much easier to stay on top of the pain or keep it at bay then it is to get rid of pain once it sets in.  Don’t try to be a super-hero by stopping medications prematurely before your body is really ready…” (Read the full piece here.)

Helper of the Week

Dr. Kimberly Harrison is a clinical psychologist skilled at helping people troubleshoot difficulties and understand their personal strengths and weaknesses. Drawing on her years of experience working with folks as they navigate the sometimes murky waters of today’s world, Dr. Harrison provides wisdom, humor and practical advice to make life better.

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Have a wonderful week, all.

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