Back-to-School Tips for Teenagers, Calming a Tantrum and How to Find Relief for Anxiety During Pregnancy (#3)

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We know shopping for school supplies and getting ready for a new schedule can cause extra stress, when you’re still trying to enjoy the rest of your summer! We know shopping for school supplies and getting ready for a new schedule can cause extra stress, when you’re still trying to enjoy the rest of your summer! 

Tips We Learned

Most back-to-school articles tend to focus on younger children or starting kindergarten, etc. But here is a Back-to-School tip list for parents of adolescents and teens, who often have different worries (college applications, anyone?) (Source:

What Caught Our Eye

We really liked this breakdown of possible reasons your child is having a tantrum. So often we can feel helpless or like a bad parent if our kid has frequent tantrums and we don’t know why or how to achieve a more peaceful household. But what if next time, we ran through this list of possible solutions? (Source: Our Mama Village, reposted by The Post Institute)

Article We’re Reading

This week’s article is dedicated to all our expectant moms out there. Do you struggle with anxiety? You’re not alone. Pregnancy is a great opportunity to consider working on any mental halth struggles you are struggling with. Aside from seeking advice from a counselor or other medical professional, there are some strategies you can implement on a day-to-day basis that can improve your mindset and overwhelm. We review some of them in this original guide to “Anxiety During Pregnancy: How to Find Relief”.  Here’s an excerpt:
You are making a life!  Go easy on yourself.  Don’t pay mind to what pregnant women on Facebook or Pinterest are doing. You have all the time in the world to catch up on laundry, dirty dishes, cleaning the house, taking your other children to the park, etc.  These are obviously all great to do as well, but your number one priority, so that you can accomplish anything else, is to take care of yourself first.


It’s time to change your “to-do” list. Make it smaller. If you could only do one to-do item today, which would it be? (Read the full article here.)

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