Making a Good Helper Profile

Making a professional profile can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  Plan on sitting at your computer for an hour or so to create a Helper Profile listing that will really connect with visitors.  Don’t worry about the whole process too much- you can always come back and make changes even after your profile is live. 

Tagline & Description

You only get a limited space to make your or your business stand out.  Try scrolling through our other Helper profiles and see which profiles make a good first impression on you.  What makes you want to book an appointment with them (or the opposite- what turns you away?)  What would you do differently?  Take a few minutes and write out a list as you are scrolling through and clicking into profiles.

Your tagline is short- should help readers identify what makes you unique among all the other search results.  Think of something unique and memorable or use the first sentence of your profile description.


Focus on them

What do you want clients to know about your practice?  Your first few lines of your profile description need to answer, “Will this person understand me?”  Will you care about their personal struggles?  How have you helped similar clients before?  My clients feel _____ and can _____ after working with me.   Provide real content and consider the difficulties your potential client may be facing.  

What makes your practice unique?

Set yourself apart by focusing on a few specific areas of expertise rather than claim to be an expert at everything.  Consider your ideal client and your unique background and training.  While your regular website may be broad and general in scope, your profile is a chance to target specialized niches.  

Background, Specializing & Avoiding Jargon

Remember there will be other areas in your profile to highlight your qualifications.  Don’t spend too much time listing them out in the description area as well.  Of course your clients will want to know about your education and credentials but more than that, they will want to know how you can help them.  Avoid clinical jargon clients may not know.  “Do you feel sad or like you have no energy” rather than “I treat people with depressive disorder”.  Alternatively, if you work with a specific niche, you may WANT to include niche-specific terminology so clients can find you by searching our site for specific words or phrases.  If you work with both individuals and couples, speak a bit to each audience.  

Let potential clients know how to reach you- as many ways as possible. If you forget to include your email address, you might miss out on new appointments with clients who prefer to communicate over email.  Point profile visitors to your website, upcoming events or articles you’ve listed on The Monkey Mashup.  Consider offering a free or low-commitment initial consultation.

  • Don’t spend a lot of time on your credentials- there’s other space in your Helper Listing for that.
  • Keep the focus mostly on your potential client.

Link to your website, social media profiles, and even Amazon Author pages or media publicity.  Above all, don’t forget to link to your events and articles on The Monkey Mashup!

Profile Pictures & Video

Photos build connection; there is no doubt about it.  Your profile picture should convey your professional style, and maybe a bit of your personality.  How would you typically dress or present yourself for a session?  Don’t be afraid to dress casually if that’s what you would normally wear when seeing a client.  Medium colors look best.  The photo should show your face and expression up close, like a professional headshot.  Avoid pictures showing you from a distance.  

The background of your profile picture should be neutral, with good, natural lighting.  Outdoor pictures can be nice.  

  • Avoid seasonal or holiday themes in your picture.
  • Don’t include anything private or personal in the background.  
  • Avoid wedding pictures or pictures of you on vacation!  
  • Don’t crop anyone else out of the picture!  
  • If you wear glasses, check for glare caused by the camera flash.  A professional photographer or editor can assist in these situations. 
  • Avoid filling your profile with *asterisks*, ALL CAPS and other attention-grabbing, spammy-looking language.  

Think of something warm and pleasant, a visual that will make you appear approachable, friendly and warm.  People want a helping professional that is reliable, solid and available.  When they see your picture, we want them to think “I can see myself talking to this person.”

Your face should ideally be centered in a square image, approximately 500 x 500 pixels.  The image may be cropped around the edges to fit the space, so all crucial content should be in the middle of the image.  The image file can easily be tested and set using Croppola’s FREE online tool.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to make sure you capture the right look you want to present to potential clients. 

Take some pictures of your office space, if you have one.  Setting the environment helps build familiarity and rapport. Knowing what to expect may appeal to clients who have never tried therapy or consulting before.

Scroll through your social media account and consider the videos that you stop and pay attention to.  How do they start off that immediately captures your attention?  Videos that surprise, use humor or emotionally resonate with the viewer can all be very compelling.

Other Tips

Prospective clients will use the search filters to narrow down results – so you want to be sure that your location, insurance, issues, and other information is complete.  Luckily, The Monkey Mashup includes a lot of built-in Helper profile flexibility that helps match potential clients with exactly the kind of provider they are looking for.  

Feel free to list your profile in whichever professional categories feel best suited for you.  Maybe you are a licensed therapist who also dabbles in life coaching- list yourself in both.  Maybe you are a doula who also obtained an IBCLC- make sure potential clients can find you wherever they are looking.

Make sure to input your physical office address, if you have one, and also mark if you are available for virtual appointments. Clients can elect to see providers in their geographical location alongside providers working virtually. 

At The Monkey Mashup we try to keep helping services very accessible to parents.  Visitors can search by preferred appointment modality.  Let clients know if you offer office sessions, in-home visits, virtual visits or even phone, text or email visits/consulting.  You can clarify these options in your profile description area or at your first consultation.  

Your clients will want to know if you accept insurance, whether you’re in-network or if you are private-pay, what your fees are.

Don’t forget to utilize our Tag system to highlight whether your office is handicap-accessible, what age groups you work with, and other features of your practice.  If you feel a relevant Tag is not listed on our forms, reach out to us and let us know. 

Consider asking a couple friends or colleagues to look over your profile and offer feedback.  Don’t spend too much time worrying- you can always come back and edit later, or write up several different descriptions and keep them in your personal file to switch/test out from time to time.  

We love feedback!  


If you think we were missing a particular professional category or tag, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!  We love hearing feedback and suggestions on possible improvements to the services we offer both providers and our site visitors.  Contact us anytime!