Getting Started Guide

Welcome to The Monkey Mashup!  We’re so glad you’re here.  If you don’t find the information you are looking for here, check out our other guides: Help Making a Listing, Understanding Your Calls & Statistics, or Help With Your Account and Billing. 


To update or make changes to your Helper Listing, go to your Advertiser Dashboard Listing page, then choose the specific listing you wanted to change and select “Edit”.  Make any changes that you wish and submit your listing for approval again.  We check all listings manually before approving. 

Helpers do not have to provide a physical office location on their Helper Listing.  When completing your listing form, be sure to select “*Online/Virtual” as your Service Area so that site visitors can find you in our search results.  “Service Area” includes any location you are able to provide services in, so if you DO have an office or area you are willing to travel to for home visits, be sure to include those locations as well.  

You can provide as much or as little location information as you like under the “Physical Location” field.  You can input state, city and state, or the actual street address of your office.  This feature is handy for users looking for providers located within a certain geographic area, perhaps because of transportation constraints.  

The more location info you provide in the related fields mentioned above, the easier it will be for parents looking for services to find you.  You can be listed in multiple state search results, virtual results and searches by proximity to the searcher’s location. 

We allow advertisers to list their profiles in as many locations as make sense to them and their particular business.  You can list yourself in multiple states, all states and/or “*Online/Virtual” by selecting all relevant areas in the drop-down “Service Area” field on the Helper Listing submittal form.  We really try to make it easy for your potential clients to find you!  

You can also list your physical office location by entering a street address OR just your city and state in the “Physical Location” area.  Make sure the map shows your location pinned properly or adjust manually.  While not a required field, any information provided about your geographic location can help potential clients who may need to figure out traveling logistics of getting to your office for appointments.  

Please note that The Monkey Mashup has no knowledge of national or individual state laws or licensing board rules about where providers can provide services.  If you have any questions about how you are allowed to advertise, where you are allowed to provide services, or if you are allowed to provide virtual services, please seek information from your professional licensing board or an attorney.  Approval of a listing in no way implies that we endorse or recommend the services described therein, or that we know whether the provider complies with applicable state laws in their jurisdiction.  

Currently, The Monkey Mashup is focusing on creating a valuable wellness site and service experience for users located in the United States.  We hope to add additional countries as our company grows.  As long as you are subscribed to our company newsletters, you’ll be the loop regarding when we are ready to expand to other countries!

You can upload a video to a listing when you are first completing the initial submittal form.  If you forget or don’t have one ready at the time, you can always go back and add a video later.  To add a video to an existing listing, first login to your Monkey Mashup account, then go to your Advertiser Dashboard → My Listings.  Choose the listing you want to upload your video to and click Edit.  Add the URL of your video listing to the form field titled “Video URL” and don’t forget to click “Submit for Approval” at the bottom!

Note. Your video must first be published somewhere like Vimeo or Youtube.     

Having issues?  Contact and we would be happy to help resolve any difficulties in adding your video.

We periodically offer discounts on various types of listings.  You can receive them through our company mailings, newsletters or social media channels- make sure to opt-in to receive our marketing emails and follow us on social media!  Coupon codes may have certain stipulations depending on the individual offer.  You can input coupon codes during the checkout process.  

We aim to publish all listings within one business day.  You will receive a notification email when your listing is live on our site.  

If there is an issue with your listing, we will contact you and work with you to resolve it.  

To use your business or company name as your listing title please log in, find the listing and click “Edit” then input your company name under “Title” , and press Submit Listing for Approval.

Note: If you would like to list your agency and then give each staff member their own listing profile, we offer discount pricing for orders of multiple Helper Listings.  We can configure the listings to all connect with one another through Agency-Staff configurations.  Please contact us at so that we can provide you personal customer support.  

If you are not getting client contacts through your profile, head over to our article about “What Makes a Good Profile”.  Give your profile time to appear individually on Google search, shared to our social media networks, and check your profile for any possible mistakes or errors in your contact information.  You may want to reconsider your profile picture or video.  It never hurts to trial and error different images, descriptions, and other features of your profile to see what helps you to stand out.  Consider your listed fees and what similar Helpers are charging.  

A great way to increase your visibility both on The Monkey Mashup and on our various social media channels, is to add events and content (articles, guides, etc.) to the site.  These are low cost, sometimes free, and help build your reputation and connection to potential clients.  Don’t forget to share our site and your listings on it to your own social media, and ask peers and colleagues for constructive feedback on how you can improve your profile.  

To reactivate an expired listing, log into your account and update it with your current payment information. Then find the expired listing under My Listings in the drop-down Dashboard menu.  You can click on “Relist” then you will be walked through the purchase process, and can submit your listing for re-approval. 

Licensing & Qualifications

The approval of a Helper Listing is based on the following:

  • The professional or agency provides professional or medical services aimed at improving parent and family life experience including but not limited to any of the following: improving mental health, improving health and/or wellness, coaching, facilitating self-help, improving physical health, providing support and/or education to the public.  
  • That the listing abides by The Monkey Mashup terms of Service including no discriminatory or offensive language, hate speech or adult material.  

We do not decline Helper Listings based on education, licensing or credentials, but leave it to the professional and potential client to personally decide which type of professional best suits their needs.  Approval of a Helper Listing does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the Helper’s services or background.

We have no knowledge of individual state or national laws regarding various professions and their scope of practice, where they can provide services and/or individual professional licensing laws.  Please check with your own local laws to determine whether advertising your Helper Listing profile on The Monkey Mashup is the right decision for you and your business.  

When you are submitting your Helper Listing form, there will be fields where you can enter your license type and state (if applicable), license number (if applicable), educational background and any additional credentials you feel are relevant.  Finish completing the rest of the form fields and click “Submit for Approval” (you can also Preview your listing to see how it will appear to site visitors).  

You can update or edit your listing at any time by logging in to your Advertiser Dashboard, going to “My Listings”, then selecting the “Edit” icon.  Upon editing your listing, you will have to “Submit for Re-Approval”.  

You can add your agency as a listing and every provider or professional in your agency as separate listings.  You can also connect all of these listings together so potential clients can view each listing.  We provide custom discounts for multiple listing purchases.  Please contact us to discuss our bulk discount policy.