Easy Labor Day Recipes, 10 Stress Myths Debunked & Advice for New Parents: Facing Struggles and Breaking the Stigma (#4)

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School is in the air, but we are still holding on to summer! Hopefully you’ll have some time to savor these last weeks of hot weather, spend some more time outside, and check off those last activities you wanted to do as a family.
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What We’re Cooking

Labor Day is just around the corner, and we know we have busy parents reading this who might not have time to make an elaborate Labor Day BBQ menu, but still want to celebrate. Check out this list of super quick Labor Day weekend recipes we found, it’s a pretty great list of ideas for anytime, really! (Source: Taste of Home)

What We Watched

10 Stress Myths Debunked – two professors explain the reasons behind stress and some common misconceptions about why we have stress, which coping strategies we should avoid and which ones we don’t have to worry about. Should we shield our kids from stress? Seeing our kids suffering or uncomfortable can be so hard to witness. Is stress always bad? Do you confuse excitement with stress? This is worth a watch, there may be quite a few ideas you haven’t heard! (Source: Business Insider)

Article We’re Reading

Advice for New Parents: Facing Struggles and Breaking the Stigma” by Cheryl Stash, LCSW, founder of The Monkey Mashup, is one of our cornerstone articles. Outlining the many forms of support available for new or overwhelmed parents, we normalize common struggles faced by parents across the board. Here is an excerpt:

“Becoming a parent is one of the best moments (if not the best moment) in your life, but pregnancy and babyhood are never without struggles.


Worse still, you might even find judgment and stigma when you need help the most. Whether you feel enormous pressure to get back to work, or taking care of a newborn isn’t the amazing experience you’d dreamed it would be, it can be hard to open up.”

In this article, you can find the top 10 struggles that new parents face (you’ll be familiar with quite a few) plus our best advice for new parents. (Read the full article here.)

Helper of the Week

The Conative Group, PLLC, is a collective of mental health providers serving a variety of needs in the greater Houston area and virtually via telehealth. We are highly trained professionals offering a variety of psychological services for adults, teens, children, and families. Several members of our clinical staff are especially skilled in working with individuals on the autism spectrum.

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