Calls, Emails & Listing Stats

Connecting with Potential Clients

     Once your Helper Listing is live you can expect it to start getting noticed.  At The Monkey Mashup we work hard everyday to increase our site traffic, provide value to readers and advertisers, and create an overall positive experience for new or struggling parents.  

     There are several ways site visitors may find your profile.  They may search through our site explore page, where they can find helping professionals or upcoming events.  Visitors can filter results by location, virtual availability, professional role, or other options.  They might find you by your connection to an event they are interested in.  When readers are browsing through events and click into one for more information, they can see who is hosting the event and listings related to the event (your Helper Profile).  Visitors may also find your Helper listing profile by way of articles you post to the site.  Publishing content on The Monkey Mashup is a great way for potential clients to get to know who you are and what you can help them with.  We try to get The Monkey Mashup, including your profile, events and articles out in front of more eyes by utilizing popular social media platforms and sometimes paid advertisements.   

Calls & Emails

     You should list your preferred methods of contact on your Helper Profile listing.  Potential clients may have preferences in how they reach out to you, some may prefer to call and some may prefer to write an email or submit their information through our contact forms.  Make sure you provide a business phone number and your business email address.  You can also list your website address as an additional point of information for clients.  

     When a prospective client reaches out to you via our site contact forms, we pass on to you some basic information they provided on the form, including time/date they submitted the form, their name, contact information and a short message.  

Listing Statistics

     Once you log in to The Monkey Mashup, you will see your Account Dashboard section at the top of the website with your name (click your name or photo).  You can find all sorts of helpful information here, including where to update your account or billing information, access to articles and other listings you’ve bookmarked, and access to your own listings for editing.  

      Perhaps the most important feature of the Advertiser Dashboard is your ability to click on “My Account” and access powerful information about all your listings on our site (you can also see stats by individual listing by clicking My Listings → Stats on each individual listing).  Along the top bar you can see the number of listings you have at The Monkey Mashup, both Published and Pending, as well as the number of visits readers have made to your listings this week.  

Visits vs. Views vs. Unique Views, Oh My!

     Views and visits are oftentimes used interchangeably but in general, a view is counted when a visitor loads or reloads a page.  A visitor is counted when we see a user or browser for the first time in a given period (day, week, month). So if 1 person reads 3 posts on your site, that would be counted as 1 visitor and 3 views.  

     A view represents each time a user visits a page.  In this way, a single user loading the same page 5 times in a single session will generate 5 views.  Whereas unique views are calculated on a session basis, meaning if the same user loads a page 5 times in a given session, it’s only calculated as 1 unique pageview.  This is why views will always outnumber unique views.  

      Essentially, a “View” number is the number of times someone visits any page on your site. Your total pageview count goes up when a user:

  • Lands on a page on your website
  • Clicks “reload” after reaching the page
  • Returns to a page on your website they’ve already viewed

      Page views allow you to track how web traffic interacts with your site. Since unique views filter out page refreshes and multiple pageviews in a single session, you are provided with a more accurate look at the amount of traffic coming in. This makes it easier for you to see which listings drive the most traffic, and what content people are actually interested in. All that should inform what content you put on your listings and help you figure out how to get them more unique pageviews.  For example, if your yoga event listing is getting a lot of unique pageviews, you can assume potential clients might be interested in more information about your yoga services via your Helper Listing profile or articles you submit about yoga.  

Devices, Platforms & Browsers

     Why does it matter what devices or browsers your potential clients are coming from?  A general understanding of this information can lead to further improvement in your listings.  If most of your listing visitors are accessing your listing via mobile, you may want to take a look at it via your own mobile phone to make sure your uploaded image is portraying the way you intended, and that your description is the right length to attract readers without losing interest.  Likewise, pay attention to how article images appear via different screens as well.  Some data suggests that visits are shorter, and bounce rates are higher on mobile, but not across the board.  Given a mobile user’s seemingly short attention span, you may want to consider including bullet points and less lengthy but more engaging content in your listings.  

      You really don’t need to worry about which browser or platform your listing visitors are using- The Monkey Mashup is continually working to provide the best user experience across all platforms and devices!  This is part of our job and service to you and all our site visitors.  

Top Countries & Top Referrers

     For now you can see which countries your listings are popular.  The Monkey Mashup is investing in additional technology to get you more detailed information about your listing visitors such as organizing the information more narrowly, by state or visitors.  

      In the meantime, check out where people are finding your listing.  Top referrers shows you all referrers which sent traffic to your site, ranked in order of popularity, for any given period of time.  Here you can see whether people are finding your listing.  For instance, some site visitors may be coming from other pages inside The Monkey Mashup website (your articles, your other listings, our homepage, our search pages).  You may be getting traffic from sharing your listings on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  Still other visitors may be coming from Google searches.  

     Checking the Top Referrers stat regularly can help you understand where jumps in listing traffic have come from.  When you find companies, blogs or other websites that seem to be dealing with matters important to your listings, you might consider forging a relationship to cross-promote your content, especially if they brought you traffic in the past.  Those may be your customers, influencers, bloggers, or any sites related to your niche. Having links to your website around the Internet enhances your SEO ranking and overall online visibility.


     Hope you have enjoyed this quick guide to understanding your Advertiser Dashboard Stat Graphs and Pages.  If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us– we are always interested in answering your questions and improving our site to better serve our customers. 

Can’t find the answer?  Contact us anytime.  We love to help people.