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family-friendly events, health and wellness support for families

Connect with families looking for more happiness, health and wellness.

Every day thousands of parents are searching for help with their pregnancy, childbirth and parenting issues. Make sure they can find you.

Add your professional profile, local and virtual events, courses and content on our family life improvement portal. 

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The Monkey Mashup is the ONLY website out there focusing solely on resources and life improvement for families.

Promote Your Family-Focused Business

easily create an effective online directory profile to find parents looking for support

A complete profile for reaching parents​

We’ve carefully designed our Helper business profiles, so that they would be easy to read, optimized for search engines, and look amazing across desktop, tablet and mobile displays.  They even look great when you share them to your social media platforms!

Guidance on how to create a profile that attracts your ideal clients

We have years of research in creating professional profiles that stand out.  Trainings in our Advertiser Help Center will walk you through creating an attractive, eye-catching profile that will help your ideal clients find you.

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Professional profile where you can upload images and introduction video to potential clients.

Completely customizable

Submit a profile photo or logo, plus three more images! Can be testimonials, photos of your office, or get creative! Add an introduction video. Add your profile to whichever professional categories apply. List yourself as available by phone, in-office, virtually. You’re the expert! 

Submit your content for extra exposure

Once your business profile is approved, you are welcome to submit unlimited articles to be published on our site, which then go out to our social media platforms, and reader newsletters. Your articles are always linked back to your professional profile and contact information for maximum exposure for your business.

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Add your local or virtual events

We recently added the ability for providers to add their one-time or multiple-day events.  You can add events that are local or taking place virtually. You can add upcoming festivals, craft fairs, playdate meet-ups, school fundraisers, Paint N’ Sips, Parents’ Night Out, etc.

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Connect with more families.

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