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Find Help

Help can come in the form of many different professionals, consultants and coaches. We wanted to make it easy for families to find the help they need, in a way that's convenient for them and their busy lives.


We want to build communities. Find nearby kindred spirits, meetups, classes and online webinars. Chat with others in our forums or Facebook group. Connect with others!


Our goal is to bring busy families what they need to improve their lives, whether it be a new, more flexible job, a vacation to somewhere exciting, or simply a new park or play space to try. Get out there and try something new!

Our story

The Monkey Mashup was founded in 2017 as a place to find helpful, uplifting and positive information on personal growth and improving daily life.  In a culture of expensive solutions, “boot camp” style exercise programs, extreme dieting and “mommy wars”, we wanted to create a “no-judgment zone” where readers could start where they are currently at and find the resources and motivation they need to make small, lasting baby steps towards having the life they want.  As a licensed clinical social worker by profession, I have made a career out of studying the best ways to support people towards change.  I hope to provide the encouragement and knowledge to make changes in life starting at home, with children and partners, in kitchens and gardens (and closets!) and above all, through personal self-growth.